Gas Services

New Gas Installations & Service

If you require your business or home to be connected to the Egoli Gas natural gas in your area or want to utilise LPG gas cylinders (bottles) instead, High Speed Gas can assist with the design & planning, supply of appliances and installation. Once installed, we offer gas repair and maintenance services to ensure your gas equipment operates safely and optimally. 

Natural Gas – Egoli Gas installations SANS 827

  • Domestic – New Egoli Gas connections to natural gas for gas cookers, gas hobs, gas ovens, gas fireplaces, gas space heaters, gas braais and gas water heaters
  • Commercial – Gas solutions for restaurants, shopping centre’s, commercial kitchens, bakeries, catering companies etc.
  • Multi-dwelling gas installations for apartments developments, housing estates, flats etc.
  • Central gas hot water heating – blocks of flats, hotels, apartments etc.
  • Industrial – Natural gas solutions for various industries.

LPG – Cylinder gas installations SANS 10087

  • Domestic / residential – LPG gas hobs, freestanding gas cookers, gas fireplaces, gas space heaters, gas braais, gas water heaters
  • Commercial – Restaurants, Shopping Centre’s, Commercial kitchens, Catering Companies
  • Industrial – LPG gas solutions for various industries.

Gas Design Services

We will design a gas system that best suits your requirements, offers the highest efficiencies in terms of consumption vs. output. All our gas fitters are licensed with the LPGASA and SAGA. All installations are carried out and comply to the latest SANS codes 10087 and 827.

For consults and developers we will design and size a gas reticulation system to fit in the required build according to the correct code. We will advise on the best gas appliances to suit these specific needs, consumption and gas metering requirements. We will design and draw the pipe layout plan and are able to manage a new gas system from planning phases to handover of a completed system.

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Certificates of Conformity (COC)

We also provide Certificates of Conformity, click here for more information.


All major brands of appliances available through our showroom

All appliances sold will be approved for sale by the necessary local authorities to operate on the correct gas it is sold for

All appliances have a full backup service, range of spares and manufacturer’s warranty

We will advise of the best appliance to suit the clients specific requirements

Gas Workshop

We have a fully equipped gas workshop where we offer a FREE safety check on any gas appliance brought into the gas workshop.

We offer maintenance and servicing of most gas appliances

If you require a conversion between the two gasses (LPG and Natural Gas) on approved gas appliances, these too can be quoted and done in the gas workshop.

Testing of gas equipment, setting of operating pressures and demonstrations of gas appliances to clients is also offered in the workshop.

Gas Filling Station

We re-fill all types of gas cylinders on our pump system including CADAC, ALVA, SAFE GAS, TOTAL and others. 
  • Cylinders will be visually inspected and discarded if required
  • Only approved gas cylinders for LPG will be filled
  • Gas refilling is done by certified staff member

For other gas cylinders (including EASYGAS, ORYX, Afrox etc.) we offer a swap out as well as free delivery in Johannesburg. Order your gas cylinder exchange online here.